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Apple Mac Mini Mount

With the Mac mini only measuring approx. 20cm square by 3.6cm high, it makes it an easy and very desirable target for thieves. Core Security’s Apple Mac mini Mount is yet another aesthetic security solution from their security product range.

  • Allows full ventilation and cable access
  • Constructed in 2mm steel offering secure, yet lightweight solution
  • Can be screwed into monitor VESA points to offer all in one solution
  • Optional security cable kit secures Mac mini and monitor

The Apple Mac mini Mount security cage uses the 75mm and 100mm VESA fixing points. This is a great way of attaching the Mac mini to the back of a monitor to give you that all in one solution, but at the fraction of the cost of a Mac, or should you wish, the product allows you to screw the product to a range of surfaces.

Once the Apple Mac Mini Mount is attached to the desired location, simply slide the Mac mini into the cage, as once it's in place it now covers the fixing screws. The front locking bar is locked into place using a high end security screw and shroud to give extra protection.

A low profile lid at the rear of the mount allows full access to the ports at the back of the Mac mini. The Core-Security Apple Mac Mini Mount comes keyed alike as standard, so all the units will run off the same security tool.

Sale price£44.95 ex VAT
Apple Mac Mini Mount
Apple Mac Mini Mount Sale price£44.95 ex VAT