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Greenmood Forest Green Wall

Greenmood's Forest designs give your walls a true wild forest feel while enhancing both the acoustic and visual ambiance. 

Their preservation process let us use all the benefits of real plants for interior design, without any disadvantages.

They require absolutely no maintenance, no watering, no sunlight, nor any pruning whatsoever.

With this innovative concept of vertical gardens, Greenmood enters a real plant design universe. Immersed in the heart of a 100% natural exotic atmosphere, you’ll quickly feel their soothing effect. 

Whatever type of business you have, our Forest collection will fit perfectly into your interiors, with a unique and personalized design! 

Multiple configurations available - please contact us for a tailored quote.

*PLEASE NOTE* This is a made-to-order product and is non-returnable/non-refundable.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. Priced per square metre (/m2).

Sale price£750.00 ex VAT
Greenmood Forest Green Wall
Greenmood Forest Green Wall Sale price£750.00 ex VAT