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Promethean ActivPanel LX 4K Interactive Display (65"-86")

ActivPanel LX’s operating system-free design brings secure interactivity to your world. By using your chosen operating system (OS), whether that is Windows, Android (EDLA-certified) or Chrome OS, ActivPanel LX will look and feel familiar.

There’s no need to worry about security or updates for your panel either. Designed to adapt with you over time, ActivPanel LX is the most futureproof, secure, and sustainable solution for every environment.

  • A crystal clear 4K display that leverages HDMI 2.0 technology
  • Gigabit ethernet ports for uncompromised network speeds to a connected OPS device
  • LCD bonded glass offering excellent writing and viewing experiences
  • Advanced touch technology providing pen and touch differentiation, palm erase, and 20 points of touch
  • Dual front-facing speakers, an integrated full-length pen tray
  • Easy to install and set up, requiring minimal training and limited support from IT staff
  • Connected to a laptop with a single USB-C cable,
  • Paired with a computing module that fits your preferred ecosystem

Sale price£879.00 ex VAT
Promethean ActivPanel LX 4K Interactive Display (65"-86")
Promethean ActivPanel LX 4K Interactive Display (65"-86") Sale price£879.00 ex VAT