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Yealink MVC S90 Microsoft Teams Room System

Designed for extra-large rooms, the MVC S90 Microsoft Teams Rooms system features UVC86 intelligent multi-camera system, MCore Pro mini-PC, MTouch Plus touch panel, AVHub, BYOD-Extender, RoomSensor, and WPP30 4K wireless presentation pod, delivering a fully immersive meeting experience that caters to both remote and on-site participants.

The MVC S90 eliminates unnecessary camera tracking processes, allowing you to stay focused on what truly matters. With its fast and accurate Multi-Camera IntelliFrame feature, whether you’re attending a remote board meeting or a panel discussion, communication flows naturally and effortlessly.

During training, speeches, or lessons, UVC86’s Presenter Tracking feature ensures that speakers are always in the center of the view, allowing you to follow their presentation effortlessly. With various modes available, you can preset an accurately tracked area, ensuring remote attendees seamlessly engage in communication.

Kit includes:

  • 2x UVC86 Dual Eye Intelligent PTZ Cameras (support for up to 8 cameras, sold separately)
  • MCorePRO Kit (Mini PC and MTouch II PLUS Controller, Occupancy Sensor)
  • 1x AV Hub
  • 1x BYOD-Extender
  • 2x WPP30 for wireless content sharing

Sale price£7,399.00 ex VAT
Yealink MVC S90 Microsoft Teams Room System
Yealink MVC S90 Microsoft Teams Room System Sale price£7,399.00 ex VAT